GPS Device

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GPS Tracking Device for all Vehicles like Car, Truck, Bus, Car , Cab GPS Device GPS Device  (Black)





GPS Tracker is an innovative product which has been specially designed for all two-wheeled vehicles. Be it your bike, car, Truck, Suv, scooter or scooty it can be utilised for all the Vehicle. It is a multifunctional GPS tracking device which comes with many features.This Zasco GPS tracker is portable as well as discreet to use. It needs no charging and can be easily fitted. This affluent device makes your living easy and peaceful. Some of the chief features of this device are: • Real-time tracking • 24-hour history • Parking notification • Zone specification & alerts • Speed alerts • Each and every feature of this device has its own importance. zasco gps enables you to set up zone alerts for all your tracker, enabling you to receive instant alerts when you enter or exit the designated area. The feature of time specification could be used depending upon the need of the user. Ensuring you all the peace of mind, as well as of body zasco gps, is a device that is designed for everyone.


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